Moore Speech

Moore Speech Pathology


Providing speech pathology and NDIS services throughout the Central Coast

Our Philosophy

Moore Speech Pathology believes that creating a fun, engaging and supportive environment assists in achieving the most successful outcomes for each individual.

At Moore Speech, we follow the Circle of Security program hence we encourage families to play a major role in all areas of intervention and to work together as a team to provide the best possible support.


Our services include assessment, therapy and training for the following :

  • Speech sound development
  • Language (expressive and receptive language)
  • Cognitive development including listening, attention, preverbal skills, play skills
  • Pragmatics (social skills)
  • Stuttering (fluency)
  • Phonological awareness and literacy acquisition
  • Swallowing difficulties, feeding difficulties and fussy feeders
  • Voice disorders
  • Children and Adults with disabilities (NDIS Registered)
  • Children and Adults without disabilities
  • People with progressive diseases (including Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease)
  • People who have had strokes, head and neck cancers and head injuries

No referral is required to access our services.

Fees are subject to Health Insurance rebates and may be eligible for Medicare under the Chronic Disease Management program (with GP referral).

About Us

We have a passion for supporting those in our community with communication and/or feeding difficulties.

We also deliver telehealth appointments and mobile speech pathology services to your home, school, aged care facility, etc.
We have a team of certified speech pathologists and support people at Moore Speech Pathology.

We maintain our certification with Speech Pathology Australia and continuously update our knowledge and professional development by attending seminars, conferences and workshops. We ensure that we are utilising current and evidence-based practices.

At Moore Speech Pathology we have a passion for communication and feeding for people across the lifespan.